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Facial Treatments  60mins $75 

The European Facial is a complete facial which helps in maintaining a healthy complexion. The procedure includes a deep pore cleansing, steam with extraction and facial massage (include face and shoulder), and is completed with a soothing mask. It leaves your face feeling balance, refreshed and clean.                          
Hydroptimale  60mins $110

For dehydrated and dry skins. A delightful and relaxing treatment that actually teaches your skin to auto-regulate its water balance and maintain its moisture reservoir. It will keep your skin soft and moist for days! (Include cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, face and shoulder massage, mask)                    

Organic Facial    75mins $90

Our Organic Custom Facial is a revolutionary facial creation which utilizes a full range of organic and environmentally friendly products. Your skin will relish the full benefits of natural botanical and fruit extracts. (Include cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, face and shoulder massage, mask)      

Mini Facial    45mins $60

Our Mini Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction and a mask.                                  

SilkPeel Dermal Infusion    50mins $105  
For acne/pigmented/mature skin

A dynamic skin care treatment that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific topical solutions. SilkPeel is safe and painless, allowing you to achieve optimum results without the complications and discomfort normally associated with invasive procedures.  

Lightwave LED Therapy    60mins $75 (Reg$90)                                                           

Lightwave therapy is the most sophisticated Light Emitting Diode Therapy application in the industry – Lightwave LED therapy uses Red light therapy as well as Infrared and Blue light therapy for anti aging, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite, acne scars and more. Reduce and even reverse the appearance of aging and damaged skin with red and infra-red LED lightwave therapy.                                   

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment    50mins $75

The Deep Cleansing Back Treatment reaches areas of the back that are often prone to blemishes. The back facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a purifying mask that will renew the skin on your back. It is perfect for alleviating clogged areas or giving exposed areas on the back a beautiful glow. 

  30mins $50

A triple action freshness treatment for the delicate eye area. Effective on wrinkles and dark circles and puffiness. This relaxing treatment relieves tiredness, frees congestion and smoothes the skin. 

Facial add on services

 SilkPeel    $70

 Light Wave    $70
 Eye treatment   $35



Specializing in Brazilian Bikini Waxing
For the Brazilian/Bikini, We use blue hard wax and never double dip
For Best Results:                                         
Your hair must be at least 1/4” long.
   Brazilian           $65
   Bikini            $40
   Back                $50 
   Stomach       $40
   Chest               $40 
   Shoulders     $25
   Lower Legs       $35
   Arms            $40
   Underarms        $25 
   Eyebrows      $20
   Chin                 $15
   Upper Lip      $15
   Full Leg             $60
   Butt              $35 

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